Application Process


Thank you for your interest in our homeowners’ program.  At Habitat for Humanity, we provide homes to people and families in need by building safe and affordable homes with donated material whenever possible and volunteer labor whenever possible.  We do not give homes away.


The homes we build are then sold to the homeowner with an affordable loan.  Homeowners are responsible for the principal payment monthly, property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, over the life of the loan, maintenance, repairs and upkeep of the home.  The homeowner owns the home and once paid off, can keep it, give it to family or friends or choose to sell it for profit, just as any other homeowner.


As a lender, we must follow state and federal guidelines for originating mortgages, verify your income and expenses, and your credit score.


You do not need to be a Christian to apply for a Habitat for Humanity home.  We accept people from all religious backgrounds.

1. We accept applications twice each year.  Once in February and once in September


2. The first step is to attend an informational meeting to learn more about the Habitat homeowners' program. The notice will be published on this website and Facebook pages.


3. The following information will be given during the meeting:

a. What Habitat does 

i. Builds simple and safe homes

ii. Provides a mortgage for the home

b. What the requirements are (need, ability to pay, willingness to partner)

i. Home Mortgage basics 

ii. Income requirements

iii. Debt to Income ratio with example

iv. Credit worthiness with example

v. Closing costs example

c. Homeownership Realities

i. Becomes an asset in the end

ii. Basic repairs and maintenance

iii. Big responsibility 

d. Sweat Equity

4. If after the meeting you are interested in becoming a partner family with Habitat

a. Complete the application 

b. As part of the application, we need to verify all the information on the application 

c. Identity, address, legal status, income and expenses

i. Provide copies of all family members social security cards

ii. We will provide you with income and expense worksheets that will help you with this process.

5. Provide all documents to verify your income and expenses

  • Last two years tax returns 

  • Last two months pay stubs 

  • Verification of any other earned income

  • Last two months bank statements, checking & savings

  • Copies of your monthly bill payments (some of this may be on your bank statements)

  • Insurance, utilities including cell phone and internet, vehicle loan payments, and any other monthly obligations that are on your expense worksheet

  • There may be other required documentation needed based on your situation

6. Once the above is complete, and we determine that you appear to qualify for a Habitat home, we will visit your current home to determine your need for safe and affordable housing.

7. If you meet all the basic requirements (need, ability to repay, willingness to partner) your information will be presented to the board of directors for an up or down vote.  Your identity will be kept anonymous.   

8. Once approved you will be required to perform “sweat equity” within Habitat (ReStore, Bird Store, as a committee member, administrative work at the office and, at the building sites) prior to your name being placed on the lot waiting list.